President’s Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, with the changes coming into effect January 1, 2018, along with our bargaining contracts for the airport screeners and security guards coming due within three months of each other, and local Union elections, we were kept busy in 2017 and we anticipate being just as busy in 2018.  We expect it will not slow down until closer to the summer, at which point, we will all be taking some much-needed time off.  Before that happens, we will make certain that notice is provided to you.

Those of us taking your calls need the down time.  As much as you might think our jobs are not strenuous or exhausting, it is more so than going to a site for eight hours, doing patrols and going home, as it is the mental exhaustion that overwhelms us.  Think of it this way, our job consists of dealing with complaints, and those complaints come in many different forms, whether they are against the Employer, a co-worker, a payroll person etc., or just people calling to complain about the Union.  Our calls are almost always about complaints.  We rarely, if ever, get calls offering to help out or to say great job Union keep up the good work.  The rest of the calls are for benefit questions, phone numbers or for questions about issues that we have put in our newsletters to keep you all informed.

It is frustrating to hear that you do not read our newsletters; therefore, our solution to this, of course, is to provide you with an up-to-date and brand new interactive website!  Our new website has a member’s portal where you will find relevant and up-to-date information, so you will know when we are in the office, if we are on vacation, when we are out in bargaining and provide updates on what is happening at our Local.

If you haven’t filled out or returned your bargaining survey, please do so now, you can find it on our website or email us at

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In solidarity,

Sherry Charette


USW 9597